Students, you have a chance to change the world!

Students, show us all you have got and help cope with the global social challenges that Europe faces continuously. A successful Slovak start-up Challengest, which links up skilled students with the best companies is coming in cooperation with the Erasmus programme +  and foreign companies, with a unique project focused on increasing the competences and exploiting the unused potential of young people to address European social problems.

 What does it mean in practice?

You have a unique opportunity to develop your own solution for main social challenges, and thus become a hero.

Hidden superhero

How does it work?

A foreign company that is active in some of global issues will assign a task, a challenge, for students and young people under 30 years of age. Solvers try to analyse the assigned task and propose the best, realistic and feasible solution. Then the solutions are evaluated by a specific company which is the challenge sponsor, and the authors of the best solutions will win a valuable prize and will have an opportunity to actively participate in the implementation of the proposed solution in practice. It is a great opportunity not only to gain valuable experience and a remarkable item for your CV, but also to participate in a real change which will have a long-term positive impact on the entire world.

What social issues will be addressed in the challenge?

They are global issues affecting the lives of people across Europe; for instance the air pollution, poverty, unemployment or education. It simply deals with issues which must be not only discussed, but also solved. They are topics receiving some attention, but still long-term solutions that would lead to a gradual improvement of the situation, are absent. It is vital that these topics are addressed just by young people for whom it is, among other things, an opportunity to develop the future by themselves. It is precisely the right time to come with breaking solutions. A combination of young intelligent people, full of ideas and achievements of these modern times can finally bring solutions that our society needs more than it is aware of.

What can you obtain?

In addition to a prize and the feeling of a job well done, it is a great entry for your CV. Participating in such a competition is the sign of your proactivity, and also of that you are aware of that these global challenges must be addressed. The authors of the best solutions will not only win attractive prizes, but they can also take part in an internship and help to put their own solution in practice. Moreover, each solver will have an opportunity to participate in a development programme and through e-learning develop such skills as:

  • Professional communication and communication techniques
  • Presentation skills
  • Time Management – effective time management
  • Creativity, innovation and change
  • Project management
  • Marketing skills
  • The art of persuasion and negotiation
  • Multicultural collaboration



Show all of us that young people have great ideas. Present yourself before the whole world and be part of a positive global change!  

You can find more information at The registration is fast, and in a few seconds you can sign in at challenge. Work hard, think social and be successful!

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